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Education & Training

Training is a core competence at Added Scientific, with thousands of hours of lecturing and public speaking between us. 



                             Learning the fundamental aspects of polymer powder bed fusion on an EOS Formiga P100 Selective Laser Sintering platform


 Education is also the primary starting point for anyone who is serious about getting involved in any new technology; Additive Manufacturing is no different. Our team can provide training in a variety of ways, webinars, on-site training and of course demonstrations of the latest equipment within our laboratory at the University of Nottingham.

We can provide bespoke training courses to upskill your work force in all aspects of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.  A typical short course may run from 2 to 5 days and may cover subjects such as materials for additive manufacturing, computational analysis and skills training. Added Scientific will also be running public sessions which are open to attend, the dates and costs for each course can be found below. These courses would be ideal for desgners, engineers, scientists, business managers and academic researchers alike.


Public Training Sessions

2017 Course Dates  


Introduction to Additive Manufacturing                         £520 pp 

An overview of the fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing. This course is a masterclass of everything you need to know to get a foundational understanding of Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing. Course topics include: business drivers, generating 3D data, AM Technologies overview, design for AM and implementation of AM.  This course includes a chance to see industrial and consumer AM technolgies in action. This course takes place over 1 day.

Dates: 6th September , 4th October, 17th October, 6th December                


Polymer Additive Manufacturing                                          £1,800 pp

A deep dive course on Polymer AM technologies. Attendees will get a technology demonstartion of the key polymer based AM technologies and the various aspects of post processing. Attendees will  gain a deep understanding of the polymer AM processes along with design and economic considerations of each process. This course takes place over 2 days. Accomodation is not included but assitance will be provided during booking.  

Dates: 10-11th October 


Metal Additive Manufacturing                                              £1,800 pp

A deep dive course on Metal AM technologies. Attendees will get a technology demonstartion of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and the various aspects of post processing metal parts produced by SLM. Attendees will also gain a deep understanding of all metal AM processes along with design and economic considerations of each process. This course takes place over 2 days. Accomodation is not included but assistance will be provided during booking.  

Dates: 24-25th October


Economics of Additive Manufacturing                             £520 pp

The succesful implementation of AM is not only built on technical awareness of the technology, it is  also underpinned by a fundamental undertsanding of the business case and economics of the applicaitons which can beenfit through prodcution by AM. Attendees will benefit thorugh insight from experts who are working to understand the cost economics and logistical considerations of adopting diferent AM processes. This course takes palce over 1 day.   

Dates: 22nd NOVEMBER


Design for Additive Manufacturing                                    £520 pp

The freedom to manufacture previously unachievable designs is often heralded as the key benefit of AM. However, AM is not a solution to manufacture "anything you want" and specific design considerations apply to each AM technology. Attendees will benefit from understanding of advanced design strategies for AM components, such as topological optimisation and the use of lattice structures for lightweighting and funcitionalisation. This course takes place over 1 day.

Dates: 5th December


Provisional 2018 Course Dates 


Future Developments Additive Manufacturing             £520 pp

Whilst current AM technologies offer unique advantages over existing manufacturing methods it is predicted that the next generation of AM technologies will provide a step-change in capability in AM. Beyond producing highly geometrically complex structures, next generation AM hopes to enable the creation of functional devices and products, such as printed circuit volumes and pharmaceutical dosage forms. This course takes place over 1 day.

Dates: 17th Janurary


All sessions will take place at Added Scientific HQ, No. 4 The Isaac Newton Centre, Nottingham Science Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RH. All sessions run between 9:00-16:30 and course fees include lunch and refreshments thoroughout the day. Course handout material will be provided to all attendees in addition to a certification of attendance. Added Scientific are CPD registered training providers so training with Added Scientific is part of your continous professional development. Please note that course dates are provisional and subject to change. Places are limited so early booking is recommended. 

For any queries on AM training or to book a place on an upcoming course, please get in touch at