Design and software tools to realise your next generation products

Design and Optimization

Additive Manufacturing offers significantly greater design freedom compared with traditional manufacture, however current design software and practices are not effective at exploiting this.  We have expertise in developing new design and optimization methods specifically for additive manufacturing design and also in the effective use of commercial software.   We can offer a design and optimization service and help in training your workforce or developing new design methods and software.

The key to unlocking the user benefits of AM lies in the design freedoms that the additive approach engenders; it is this immense design flexibility that gives the potential to topology optimised AM structures for an industry-facing real life application. We have developed efficient codes and have in-house expertise in the following areas:
1) Topology optimisation of structures – providing designs that have high stiffness to weight ratios.
2) Efficient analysis employing adaptive/re -meshing techniques – providing computational leverage to tackle complex real
life problems.
3) Design of 3D Printed Circuit Volume (PCVs) – realising the potential of multi-material AM by optimising structures with
embedded functional system and moving away from 2D PCB’s towards true 3D designs.